About Me

Mitch Enzmann, Photographer, Munich

Munich - Zurich

I have been working with almost every analogue photo and film equipment and still do, whenever is best. I also had the opportunity to work in the times when the computers started to enrich our life and when the still and moving images made the transition to become digital. I appreciate the benefits of digital imaging.
Today we are in a state of change again. Virtual images visualize the world as we would like it to be.
With my skills and experience I would like to contribute not to suppress the real future in the world of artificial images.
I work as freelance photographer and DoP, as VFX and visual consultant, and as designer and constructor of mechnical effects.

I'm married to my beloved wife Claudia Enzmann, who is a gifted film editor and sound designer. We have two wonderful sons, who already found their places in life.